MODELTA participates into EU funded MEASURED project!

Modelta has become partner of the project MEASURED – Membrane Scale Up for Chemical Industries, which started on January 1st, 2023. It is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program Under grant agreement NO 101091887

The interdisciplinary consortium is composed of 2 SMEs, 7 industries and 8 universities/research centres, which will comprehensively study the development of advanced materials, reactor design and process configuration to identify the most sustainable options from a demonstration, techno-economic and environmental point of view.

MEASURED’s main objective is to provide a quantum leap in the development of membrane technologies, setting the basis for future commercialization of greener technological pathways all along the value chain. Focus will lie on three main lines which are:

• Scale-up the synthesis process for manufacture of CMSMs for gas separation
• Scale-up the synthesis process of manufacture of ceramic membranes for pervaporation
• Scale-up the synthesis process for the manufacture of polymeric membranes for membrane distillation

These three lines will focus on three main applications, namely methanation off-gas treatment, acrylic ester production, and wastewater treatment. Prototypes will be developed, tested and optimized up to TRL7. To support these activities, a multi-scale modelling approach will be used to guide development activities. Modelta is work package leader of modelling activity. The objective of this work package is to aid the development of the aforementioned technologies through multi-scale modelling, LCAs, techno-economic assessments, and market readiness assessments. Feasibility studies and upscaling analyses will help and identify a TRL9 roadmap. Modelta will collaborate with project partners and focus on this feasibility study for the three membrane lines. It will also conduct a social acceptance and market readiness analysis to help maximize the project impact and identify market

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