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Membranes are used nowadays in several applications

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From potable water production by sea water desalination through reverse osmosis

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To alcohol dehydration
in pervaporation process

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To biogas upgrading through CO2 removal in gas separation process

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And many other applications

Membrane science has become an interdisciplinary field which requires a background in

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Energy Science

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Chemical Engineering

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Material Science

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Environmental Science

Moreover, it requires the cooperation of a strong theoretical basis, modelling activity, experimental data and industrial expertise.
Their usage is rapidly spreading and increasing, with newly developed materials and applications.

Among them, membrane reactors are a promising solution for process intensification, leading to:

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Investment Cost

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Operational Cost

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Increase Energy

Modelta About us_GHGs Emission Reduction

GHGs Emissions

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Our Expertise

Modelta B.V. provides expertise on membrane technology in general, and on Membrane Reactors in particular, for industrial applications in new and existing sectors. We do this thanks to our highly technical background, a solid theoretical foundation and specialized experience in modelling.

Our Mission

It is to make possible to apply membrane reactor technology and membranes systems in different sectors, leading to a substantial process intensification and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Our Vision

It is to become a lighthouse for membrane reactor technology and membrane systems providers and end users, as an international single-entry point for all interested stakeholders

Who Are We?

The idea to create a spin-off to spread membrane technology – and Membrane Reactors in particular – is born from a decennia collaboration between two research groups in several European Union funded projects

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In Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands, the group of Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors, into the group of Sustainable Process Engineering (SPE), in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, is a landmark in experimental and modelling activity regarding membrane technology and Membrane Reactors.

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In Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy, the Group of Energy COnversion Systems (GECOS) in the Department of Energy (DENG), is a group with Advanced expertise in a broad range of research areas related to environmentally friendly energy conversion technologies.

See more at: GECOS Webpage – GECOS

Since 2010, different EU projects investigated the integration of inorganic membranes into a catalytic chemical reactors. Among them, the groups of POLIMI and TU/e mainly participated in the projects related to hydrogen production in fluidized bed Membrane Reactors (REFORCELL, FLUIDCELL, FERRET, BIONICO).
Beyond hydrogen separation and/or production, in the last years membrane reactor technology was also investigated in different processes, such as alkane conversion to valuable chemicals and hydroformylation (CARENA, ROMEO).

All these projects converged in the MACBETH project, with the ambitious aim to bring membrane reactor technology at TRL7 for hydrogen production from biogas or natural gas reforming, propane dehydrogenation and hydroformylation.
Moreover, membrane reactor concept is also applied in biotechnologies, in the process of fish oil enrichment in ω-3 fatty acids.

Modelta B.V. has been established from MACBETH project, as a spin-off of TU/e and POLIMI, to converge all the acquired know-how in a single-entry point, as a lighthouse for membranes process and Membrane Reactors technology

Meet Our Team

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Zançat Sahin

Managing Director

Modelta About us_staff Michele Ongis

Michele Ongis

Technical Director

Modelata About us_staff fausto Gallucci

Fausto Gallucci

Membrane Technology

Modelata About us_staff Marco Binotti

Marco Binotti

Process Modelling

Modelata About us_staff Gioele Di Marcoberardino

Gioele Di Marcoberardino

Process Modelling

Modelata About us_staff Giampaolo Manzolini

Giampaolo Manzolini

Energy Management

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