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The new and amazing GOCycle represents a ground up rethink for the urban cyclist. It has been designed by the former Formula 1 Guru engineer Richard Thorpe, the GOCycle features a lightweight Magnesium frame which is collapsible for easy of storage. The bike can be taken apart in under a minute.

But the bike’s most adavanced feature is hidden inside the front wheel hub. This houses a small electric motor and at the push of a button on the handlebar, the bike gets a “turbo boost” from the motor, enabling riders to coast up hills where they may normally struggle. The motor can power the bike  for around 8-20 miles and recharges from the mains in just over three hours.

The GOCycle has been designed with the urban commuter in mind. The electric motor means you  will not arrive at work bathed in sweat, and that the completely enclosed chain means that even people wearing suits can ride without fear of oily or ripped trousers.

Consumenten adviesprijs Incl. BTW *: € 1900,-


Specificaties GOCycle

Frame Magflow injected Magnesium one piece frame
Motor 250watt continous
Weight 16.5kg
Battery 9aH NiMH
Range 8-20 miles (depending on pedal input)
Folded size 650mm x 540mm x 260mm
Gears intergrated 3 speed Shimano Nexus
Brakes Haynes Mechenical Disc brakes
Wheels Pitstop Magnesium moulded wheels (20")
Rear Suspension 25mm of travel with intergrated Lock for sercurity
Handel bar Reach and height adjustable
Seat postion Height adjustable


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